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Dad’s Corner: The Low-Down on the V-Men

–Written by Leon Scott Baxter Lewandowski They’re out there, right under our noses. They’re in line with us at the bank. They sit in the pew alongside ours at church. They teach our children in school. They fix our computers […]

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Tips To Start A Book Club

Why start a book club? Book clubs encourage children to read and to get excited about it. It is also a way for kids to become more comfortable with

Our Family Swap Meet In the News

This is a can't miss regarding great deals on children's amazing prices! Families with infants, young children & parents with a baby on the way will find something

Ask the Expert: Baby Signs In Bilingual Environment

Best-Selling Author, Monta Briant, Answers your Baby Sign Language Questions Q- What if I plan to raise my baby in a bilingual environment? Will using signs confuse him? A- This

Fun Day Trip Ideas Around San Diego For Your Family

Child Friendly San Diego Coastal Tide Pools SAN ONOFRE San Onofre Tide Pools Hermit crabs, mussel bed, Ochre Starfish ENCINITAS Swami's Tide Pools Popular with school age children, 45 million year old fossil shells,

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