Top Questions To Ask When Researching A Preschool

Use these questions as a guide while you are looking for preschools.

A good preschool has solid, up-to-date credentials, clear rules and regulations, and firm policies on operating hours, pickup and drop-off times, and when children are too sick to attend.
The ratio of caregivers to children varies, depending on group size. The National Association for the Education of Young Children recommends having at least one teacher for every 5 children 24-36 months and 1:7 or 1:8 for 4-5-year-olds, depending on the group size. 

1. How long has the preschool been in business?

2. What are the preschools accreditations?

3. Do you have space for my child?

**If not, can we get on a waiting list, and how long is it?

**Is there a fee to be on the list?

4. What are your hours? Do you have p/t and fulltime hours?

5. What is your holiday schedule?
**What other days is the preschool closed?
**Is there a back-up caregiver if you are sick?(In-home daycare program)

6. How flexible are you with pickup and drop-off times?

**Is there a late pickup fee?

7. Fees? Weekly/daily? Do you pay monthly?

8. Can parents visit the school or have lunch with their children?

9. What is expected of the parents?

10. What is the schools philosophy regarding teaching, play, discipline?

11. How are the kids grouped in classes?

12. What is the daily schedule for kids?

13. Is there a sign-in sheet? Are the doors secure so strangers cant just walk in?

**Who is allowed to pick up children?

14. Does the school provide lunch/snacks?

15. Is there a scheduled naptime?

16. How long have the teachers been with the school and how often do they have to hire new teachers?

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