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Community Resource Fund

The Community Resource Fund (CRF) provides general relief assistance to those members requiring additional funds, or other help, during difficult and sometimes unexpected circumstances. Some examples include providing wildfire victims with gift cards, clothing, furniture and appliances, financially assisting a family who lost the mother in a car crash, and facilitating a donation to a family with a little boy diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


Madison’s Fund

Madison’s Fund (MF) is a charitable fund started in 2006 after a PC member tragically lost her daughter in an accidental drowning. The purpose of the fund is to honor Maddie’s memory by helping other PC families who experience the death of a child.


Community Resource Fund & Madison’s Fund Guidelines

  1. Who qualifies for help from the CRF/MF?
    – We provide assistance to PC members. The recipient’s family must have an active PC membership (or be within the grace period) at the time the event happens. Someone cannot sign up with PC to get funds from the CRF/MF for a circumstance that has already occurred.
  2. What is the grace period?
    – A grace period of 3 months will be given to PC members that have expired. If their request comes within that 3-month period, they are eligible for assistance from the CRF/MF.
  3. What circumstances would qualify for CRF assistance?
    – Death of spouse, death of a child, spouse or child with a life-threatening illness, natural disaster (fire, flood, etc.).
  4. What deaths are covered under the MF?
    – The death of any child that the PC member has custody of.
  5. What is the standard range for the amount of assistance granted from the CRF/MF?
    – Because each situation and each family is unique, the gifts from the funds vary, but generally fall between $200 – $500.
  6. What is the process for applying for assistance from the CRF/MF?
    – An application must be emailed to the CRF director. The application gets voted on at the next board meeting.
  7. When an application is denied, how is it handled?
    – The CRF director communicates the decision to the applicant. Additionally, best efforts will be made to provide alternate resources for assistance.

If you have a candidate for either of these, please contact us at to request funds for your family or on behalf of another family. The Parent Connection is here to help its members!



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