Valentine’s & Date Night Ideas

Gift Ideas

  • Homemade coupon book for 5 free 10-minute foot massages, head massages, shoulder rubs, or whatever is his favorite.
  • Pamper the men for once! Your guy can get a shave, haircut, facial and a cigar.
  • Purchase 4 catered dinners to be delivered. One each week for a month so your wife gets a break from the cooking. There are great personal chefs that can prepare & drop off a dinner for the whole family.
  • Looking for a fun alternative to flowers? Try a Fruit Flowers bouquet by Incredible Edible Delights.
  • A gift certificate for a massage/pedicure or facial is always a great way to pamper your Valentine.

The Perfect Date

Get a sitter for the kids scheduled for the night, and have his bag packed without him knowing in advance: Take him wine tasting and to a bed and breakfast or take him to

For a truly romantic date without going too far, book a hotel room at one of San Diego’s finer hotels or a local Bed and Breakfast. We live in a beautiful city with first-class properties scattered throughout… why shouldn’t we enjoy them as much as visitors to San Diego? Of course you’d need someone to watch the kids overnight (friend, family, neighbor?). Then surprise your spouse with a getaway that isn’t so far away!
To add to the romance, visit the hotel early, check-in and place your pre-packed his & hers overnight bags into the room. Next, scatter rose petals on the bed, place candles along the tub and anywhere else that may add ambiance, and have a bottle of fine wine or champagne on ice awaiting. You could even buy a new piece of lingerie and have it hanging behind the bathroom door for something to quickly “slip into” later! Keep it all a surprise… blindfold your spouse, saying you’re going to a surprise dinner. You’ll have already checked in, so you can lead your spouse directly to the room. Remove blindfold & SURPRISE! Order room service for dinner and enjoy the time alone together!

Have lunch at the spa cafe at La Costa. It is beautiful and secluded.

–Submitted by Leon Lewandowski
Dads, this one is for you…
Men sometimes need a bit of assistance in the romance department on Valentine’s Day. February 14th can be intimidating to guys. Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekend this year, here’s a great way to celebrate your love for the mother of your children. But, keep in mind, with all romance, make it work for you. Make appropriate changes, because you know your partner better than anyone else.

Being a father, you have to be sure to include the kids on Valentine’s Day. You get up early before everyone else in the house. Prepare heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Don’t worry if your culinary expertise is lacking. The effort alone will be appreciated by the kids and your sweetheart.

Give her a gift, one you made, one that shows you appreciate her as a partner and as the mother of your children. Suggestion, a photo album or collage centered on a theme: your family trip to Arizona, her changes during pregnancy, the funniest pictures of your family members, the two of you, how your family has grown over the years, etc…

Have a set of helium balloons filled, a different color for each person in the house. The kids and your sweetheart get to pop the balloons. Inside are notes, little trinkets, and/or coupons (watch whatever you want tonight, a night at the movies, 10 minute back massage – of course, each coupon would be appropriate for each family member). the last balloons for the kids would be “”spend the night with grandma”” (which you’ve pre-arranged).

With the kids dropped off, instead of returning home, you drive and drive and drive. She’ll wonder where you’re going. Unknown to her, you’ve packed her bag, more clothes than she needs, all her make-up, hair products and accessories you can find, as well as some money for whatever you forgot. She’ll be thrilled when you arrive at the romantic resort/hotel/ bed and breakfast you’ve reserved.

Treat her the way she should be treated. Bring candles and the right music. Take her out, or have a romantic meal delivered. Make this Valentine’s Day one she will never forget. Let her know you love her as the mother of your children, but also for the woman she’s always been.

Ideas For Getting Out

The following have been submitted by parents…

Like most parents with young kids, my husband and I never get enough time to just talk to each other. So when we get a chance to go out on a date, we try to stay away from crowded restaraunts and movies.

The perfect date for us is definitely spontaneous! It happens when the kids have each been invited over to a friend’s house and we find ourselves with time alone! Our favorite thing to do is go to a matinee movie, then out for some dinner. Our favorite ending is to spend some time roaming around Border’s. It’s so relaxing!

My personal favorite on summer evenings:Pack a picnic with wine and your favorite dinner-to-go (including dessert), then head out to any of the local coastal trails for a sunsethike. There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sun set over La Jolla from a high mountain look out. (Then come back down quickly beforeit gets too dark – or bring flashlights!)

Rent a kayak or go out for a sunset sail followed by dinner at Chart House.

Go downtown for a coffee and stroll through one of the bookstores.

Can’t find a sitter….put the kids to bed early and surprise your spouse with a romantic candlelit dinner or dessert at home.

Take a cooking class together… ed., Kitchen Witch, William Sonoma and Sur La Table to name a few places that offer classes…..

Have a progressive dinner with friends….hire a sitter to stay at one of the houses with the kids.

Kids & Valentine’s

Valentine treasure hunt: 
Buy a pkg. of children’s valentines or use the leftovers to hide cards around the house with clues to the next card. Include a small gift with the last valentine.

Help your child cut out hearts by folding them in half and cutting them and display all over the house or hang above your dining table with fishing line.

Lunch: Heart Sandwiches: 
Take either a large heart- shaped cookie cutter or with a knife shape your bread into a heart.

Treats: Heart Shaped Cupcakes: 
Put a marble or small ball of foil between the muffin liner and pan in each cup to make the heart shape. Pour batter and bake as usual, being careful not to fill the cups too full.

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