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How to Keep Kids Entertained While Traveling

Keeping Kids Entertained A few toys are always great (you dont have to take them all. You will be surprised how many things they are entertained with at their new destination. Books Coloring books/crayons (I do not recommend felt pens) […]

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Travel Packing Tips To Survive With Kids

What to bring... Extra outfits for the trip in case of accidents. (Dress in easy layers in case the weather changes.) Blankets (good to have an extra) Diapers (pack extras for

Fun Day Trip Ideas Around San Diego For Your Family

Child Friendly San Diego Coastal Tide Pools SAN ONOFRE San Onofre Tide Pools Hermit crabs, mussel bed, Ochre Starfish ENCINITAS Swami's Tide Pools Popular with school age children, 45 million year old fossil shells,

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