4 Life-Changing Benefits Of Finding The Right San Diego Preschool For Your Child

When most children get ready for San Diego preschool, many parents suddenly start feeling very old and nostalgic because time really does seem to fly. But, in the preschool year your child grows up really fast as he or she is getting ready for the next phase of learning and development in his or her life. Major changes will take place socially, mentally, intellectually and physically so it is imperative your child has the support he or she needs at home, and in the school environment. Here are four fundamental benefits of sending your child to a good preschool:

1. Your Child Will Develop Self Confidence and Social Skills

Developing a healthy self-image is one of the cornerstones of success in life. Your child needs to believe in him or herself and that he or she has the capability to do anything. Of course he or she will not be able to do just anything yet, but kids must believe that they have the potential.

Healthy self-confidence lends itself to good social skills and the ability to make friends and influence a group. Only if a child is socially secure will he or she learn optimally, and in the preschool year, a lot of attention needs to be paid to this facet of your child’s development.

2. Numerical And Problem Solving Abilities

In the preschool year your child will learn the fundamental concepts of mathematics and numbers. These are vital skills that can shape the rest of your child’s education and career decisions, and they must be taught in a manner that is accessible and enjoyable.

3. Learning The Basics Of Literacy

Reading and writing are essential for any child to communicate in the world. Your child will be introduced to the basic concepts of literacy: reading, writing and speaking their mother tongue and possibly even a second language. If your child has a firm grasp of language early on, everything he or she learns will be much simpler to absorb.

4. Creativity And Physical Development

In the same way that your child needs to develop his or her brain for academic enrichment, so too do the spirit and physical body need nourishment. Your child should still have lots of time to enjoy arts, crafts and creative expression. He or she should also be encouraged to participate in sports and physical activities to achieve balance in his or her development.

This guest post about preschool in San Diego was written by PreSchool San Diego.

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