4 Ways to Become a Great Tech-Savvy Role Model for Your Kids

Although kids these days are better at fiddling with technological devices than adults, guidance from parents is still important for their development. Values like respect, love and honesty are not something that apps or even Google could possibly teach. If you want to become a better tech-savvy role model for your child, here are some useful pieces of advice that you can follow.

Practice good social media etiquette

According to a post from Verizon Wireless, parents should be aware of their own actions in the world of social media if they want to promote good online behaviors to their children. Take some time to clean your profiles from rude posts and inappropriate pictures.  Before you post anything, make sure to ask yourself first how your kid or someone else you respect will feel if they saw it.

Respect their online accounts

As parents, we understand that you want to be involved in everything that they want to do whether it is online or offline because you care for their safety. However, do it in a passive and unobtrusive manner so they won’t be ashamed to be your friend and block you from their list. This means that you shouldn’t post or tag pictures of them (no matter how cute they are) without their approval. In addition, try not to comment on their status updates unless they ask you to. When you want to raise your concerns about a disturbing post that you saw on their wall, it is best to talk to them personally at home to avoid misunderstanding.

Create engaging family activities

Although digital tools like smartphones or apps are believed to tear down the bonds between parent and child, it only takes a smart user to gain benefits from them. There are so many avenues online where one can conduct several tech-savvy yet fun excursions. You can try watching funny videos together, create family blogs, make digital art, play their favorite video games or watch their favorite television series. Doing these activities together helps you learn more about their likes, dislikes and even their attitudes towards technology.

Break-free from bad mobile device usage habits

In a feature story from Parenting.com, it was revealed that some adults often practice bad mobile device usage habits like sending a message while driving or talking on the phone loudly when they are in public places. There are also some cases wherein they spend more time with their mobile devices than with their kids.

We may not know it but everything we do is magnified in the eyes of our children. If we commit these negative practices in front of them, they might perceive that it is a normal thing to do. To prevent them from imitating these bad habits, impose clear rules for yourself to follow regarding how much screen time you must spend when you are at home. Maybe you can follow a smartphone curfew when watching a movie or your son’s sport competition. You can also set some set some boundaries as to where you must not use these gizmos like at the dinner table, while driving or when out in the public.

Technology is a great tool that can help the younger generation achieve success in the future. However, it is important that we guide them through their journey so that they can learn how to utilize these tools properly.

Do you know another tech-savvy parenting tips that you can share with your fellow readers? Feel free to post some ideas in the comments section.

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