A Flight of Greed and Glory – Book Review

Submitted By: Emily Erlenbach – age 14




In A Flight of Greed and Glory: The DECODERs’ First Adventure, by Marjorie Vego Krausz and Toni Hood, seven young campers one day unexpectedly meet at Camp Courage, the coolest space camp around. What makes Camp Courage even more exciting is that this year, the campers attending it will get to watch a historical space race take place. The seven young campers are thrilled by this, and get even more excited when they meet the two captains of the space teams. However, the young campers soon notice some suspicious behavior arising between the two captains. It isn’t long before the campers realize that something is not right and thus begins the mystery of the story.

This book was very well written, and included a detailed plot and well developed characters. Also, the theme in A Flight of Greed and Glory is very meaningful. Throughout this story the characters discover the DECORDER WAY, which is an acronym describing the steps on how to solve a problem.  Any child that reads this book will not only enjoy the theme, but also learn from it.

I believe the story to be 2nd grade and up reading level.  Adults reading this with their younger children will also find the story entertaining.


Reviewed by:Emily Erlenbach, age 14.

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