Congratulations to our Birthday Bash Winner!

Congratulations to Nicole Bruck – the winner of The Parent Connection’s Birthday Bash contest.

Nicole received products and services for an all-inclusive kid’s birthday party!  Here’s what she won:

  • Invitations? Yup.
  • A haircut for the birthday kid? Check.
  • A gift for your child? Believe it.
  • A fun activity at the party? Yes.
  • Awesome, organic cupcakes ? Definitely.
  • A fun venue for kids and adults? Oh, yeah.
  • Bounce house to get the kids moving? Yep.
  • Lattes for the sleep deprived moms? Of course!
  • Table settings for 16 kids? Um, yeah.
  • Food for hungry party guests? Dude.
  • Decorations? Oh, yeah.
  • A professional photographer? Yeah, we thought of that, too!
  • Clean-up after the party? You bet.

A very special thank you to those companies who have so generously donated to the Parent Connection Birthday Bash:

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