Disney Beauty and the Beast

The Tale as Old as Time…true as it can be… yes, it’s true and the story and characters that you have known and love, will come to life in a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic featuring an extraordinary ensemble cast. You will be able to recognize the original songs as well as three new songs. My favorite was Gaston and how well Luke Evans plays him.

In discussing his character Evans says, “Gaston doesn’t see the world the way everyone else sees it. He’s at the top of the pyramid and everyone else is below him. He thinks he can do no wrong and does not understand why Belle does not want to be his wife. I mean, God, is she mad? Is she blind? Is she stupid?  He doesn’t get it, which is funny in and of itself, so I really tried to play up the comedic aspects.”

“I haven’t done a lot of comedy,” he continues, “But it’s been fun to play Gaston and be able to bounce off the likes of Josh Gad, a very accomplished comedian with perfect timing.”

And every little girls is going to want the yellow ball gown that Belle wears when she dances with the Breast in the castle ballroom. The dress was created by Jacqueline Duran made in multiple layers of feather light satin organza dyed yellow (180 feet in total), which was cut broadly in a circular shape and required 3,000 feet of thread! The top two layers were printed with gold leaf filigree in a pattern matching the ballroom’s Rococo floor and accentuated with 2,160 Swarovski crystals.

The film opens nationwide on Friday, March 17. Rated PG. 129 minutes

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  1. we all know that Beauty and the Beast is just as much about the supporting characters as it is the central couple, and director Bill Condon’s ensemble doesn’t disappoint. Kline’s Maurice is even funnier than his bumbling animated counterpart, and McGregor and McKellen are hilarious as odd-couple duo Lumiere and Cogsworth. Thompson is comforting as Mrs. Potts, and her boy Chip is ever as lovable. And then there’s Evans as narcissistic Gaston, who’s so full of himself that he can’t fathom why Belle won’t agree to be his bride, and the amazing Josh Gad, who steals the show as Gaston’s adoring (and smitten) sidekick LeFou. Menken’s original songs are rendered with appropriate spectacle, particularly “Be Our Guest,” but the new ones are decidedly bittersweet, underscoring the sadness both Belle and Beast feel about their situations. The gorgeous costumes and extraordinary set design add to the movie’s overall delight, but it’s the performances that stand out in this memorable musical remake.


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