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Exciting Fundraising and Extra Income Opportunity

MomSelect would like to present you an income generating opportunity.  We are continuing to build our Moms Sales Team for a cell phone provider reaching families with young children where parents want to manage their child’s cell phone usage while providing a fun experience.

The program will pay moms $25 for each phone activation.  There is nothing to purchase upfront and no contracts required.  We understand Moms are busy, so this is meant to be a fun way to earn additional income or raise money for your cause.  Alon the way there are monthly bonuses and contests.  Additionally, moms will be paid each month for the on-going phone service purchases.  Our current team of moms have generated income from as little as $25 to $2000 in one month!

This is the ideal position for a mom who is involved in the community, PTA, moms groups, Scouts, etc.  Wherever you see an opportunity – whether it ibe via email to your friends/colleagues or if you  happen to be hosting a booth at your child’s school carnival (with school permission of course), we are open to grassroots marketing ideas.  This position is meant to be an opportunity Moms can incorporate into their lives of fundraising/earning extra income, and within their other daily activities.

For more information please click here and we will be in contact with you.


Parentella is a safe, trusted and private network for sharing news about schools, daycare and extracurricular activities. Keeping parents informed, organized, and plugged in to what is going on in their children’s classrooms, Parentella has the tools for parents to make informed decisions and manage the busy lifestyles that foster rich and rewarding childhoods.

We know parents are increasingly pressed for time. We started Parentella because of our interest in learning more about school events, our children’s classrooms and special programs. We believe the richness of our children’s education and extracurricular activities can be enhanced through information sharing between parents, schools, activity organizers and care givers.

Parentella is a resource, a tool set and a platform. Ultimately, our goal is to strengthen communities and hand the collective power to change children’s lives to those who have the largest stakes.

Parentella is for parents and the teaching community. Do you have ideas that you want to share, a cool feature that we must put on our roadmap, or do you just plain and simple want to reach out to us? Well, we would love to hear from you.

Please write us at: feedback@parentella.com.

Getting Started

  • Have you registered with your school?
  • Have you gotten all of your immunization shots?
  • If your child is entering Kindergarten, have you scheduled an assessment with the school.
  • Have you found out when the school will be having an orientation or open house?
  • Do you have the information on doing an district transfer to another school?

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