Introducing Nifty

Nifty provides an easy way to pass along gently used items or to get things you can use, all from your phone and within your social networks. As a busy parent on-the-go, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of doing it right from your phone. You’ll also like reassurance of knowing something about the people you’re interacting with. Nifty was developed right here in San Diego by parents that understand those things.
As a small thank you for using Nifty, you can get a $10 gift card for Starbucks. Check below for details.
So clear up some space, help out someone you’re connected to, and get caffeinated.
We’re looking for ways to make the service more valuable to our users, and we get great satisfaction knowing people are using and benefiting from using Nifty. Invite your friends to try Nifty to make the experience even better.
As a Parent Connection member, all you need to do is:
1) “Like” the Parent Connection Facebook page.
2) Install Nifty on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and create your account so you can post an item to give, sell, or trade.
3) Provide some feedback to Nifty about your experience.
Some details:
A) A total of 50 gift cards will be made available.
B) Limit 1 gift card per person.
C) Posted item must be available in the San Diego area (100 mile radius from the City of San Diego).
D) Posts must be made before September 25, 2013.
E) Posts must include location info to allow verification.
F) Compatible iOS device required (check Apple App Store).
G) Posted items must be of reasonable nature.
H) Nifty reserves the right to review each submission for accuracy, abuse, etc.


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