Our Most Popular Tips For Hiring A Babysitter

Background Checks

*Get several work references and at least one personal reference. Call these references.

*One option is to hire through an agency and they will take care of the background check.

*You can order a background check that can cost up to $100. There are online companys available

Finding a babysitter

We have great resources in San Diego with all the colleges. San Diego State, UCSD, USD, Cal State San Marcos and all of the City Colleges. College students tend to have fairly flexible schedules. Many times the college newspapers have classifieds with Sitter postings.

If it is an option, start looking before you need a sitter since it can take time. It is much easier to interview people when you are pregnant rather than when you have a newborn and are feeling exhausted.

How to Pay a Sitter

Sitters/nannies charge different amounts. In San Diego, the average seems to be $8-10 an hour. (High School students are $6-8 and hour.)

Some sitters charge based on the number of children. Others charge based on the childs age or their experience.

One way to save a little is to find another child around the same age and share the babysitter. This can be fun for the kids too. This usually averages $5 an hour per family.

Questions to Ask

1. How long have you been babysitting? What age children have you taken care of?
2. What hours do you have available? Do you have another job or are you going to school?
3. How would you handle an emergency with children?
4. Do you know CPR?
5. How do you handle discipline if a child is not listening to you?
6. What types of activities do you like to do with children?
7. Have you ever had to transport children? Are you comfortable driving them, putting them in carseats?
8. Do you know how to change diapers?
9. Can I answer any questions for you?

Job Description

It helps to write out your expectations for the person you are hiring so that you are both clear on the duties. Below are some ideas. Everyones expectations are different so modify this for your personal use.

The nanny/babysitter job entails the following:
1.Daily care of (insert age of child)

  • Feed bottles
  • Put down for naps
  • Change diapers
  • Reading and playing with babies
  • Help with baths
  • Nurture and comfort
  • Walks in stroller

2. Help with cleaning dishes and kitchen area

3. Keep babies room straightened / clean up toys

The following is expected of nanny:
1.Experience with babies (please provide references)
2.Infant CPR certification preferred
3.Must have transportation to our home
4.Needs to be on time and somewhat flexible with schedule. We can work around school schedules.
5. Needs to give notice when a day off is needed.
6.Good Hygiene: Wash hands prior to picking up babies
7. Outgoing, energetic, loving and responsible

1. Job will be approximately (insert #) hours a week.
2. Rate of pay will be $(insert #) per hour.
3.Food will be provided when you are at our home.

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