Rainy Day Activity

Family Fun

Indoor Fun

Rainy days are a great opportunity for fantasy play. Kids love to use blankets, sheets and pillows or other household items to create forts, houses, castles, etc. Try to suggest the materials instead of the creation itself to allow them to express themselves. A simple cardboard box from an appliance can be saved for hours of enjoyment.

Pull out dress up clothes, old costumes, hats, misc. jewelry etc. Rainy days can be a fun time to have anindoor picnic, either real or pretend. Children can experience a tea party or picnic with dolls or other stuffed animals.

Use instruments to make up a band or designate a spot for a stage and let your child perform for you. Play some music or let them make their own and enjoy smiles as you applaud their efforts. Play charades.

Crafts, puzzles, hide & seek, books or board games are other alternatives to bring out and explore. If you are in need of a new craft or some coloring page printouts, go to our helpful links offering games, puzzles, online coloring, and more designed for preschoolers and kindergartners.
Snuggle up in front of the fire with popcorn and a great family movie. Do some baking. Boil some spaghetti noodles and have your kids make some masterpieces on construction paper. It will stick and dry on the paper.
Out and About

Head to a local bookstore or the local library to browse and read books. Take advantage of one of the businesses that provides crafts/art like Art from Scrap or Arts Alive. Some local kids classes like Gymboree and My Gym offer “open Gym” for their members.

Go to one of our local indoor museums like the SB Museum of Art, SB Museum of Natural History, or the Sea Center. Take in a matinee movie or go bowling. See our Events Calendar for scheduled activities that may be happening in our area.
Get a Little Wet

Bundle up and head outside for some good, old-fashioned puddle jumping. Don’t forget the rain boots! Take some fun photos in rain gear and play together outside. You can even do some wet chalk drawings on your driveway. When you are ready to go in, plan to have some hot chocolate or soup together &/or give your child a bath.

Reading Fun

Read to your kids often, and not just at night. Point to the words as you read the story. This teaches direction and shows a symbolic relationship between the words and what you say. Activitiy Ideas:

  • Read a book and make and art project relating to the story.
  • Make masks or puppets and then reenact the story of a book.
  • Have kids start a journal in which kids can write down their impressions about the books. If your children are younger, you can write for them. Spelling doesn’t matter.
  • Make a logo book. Use the Sunday newspaper or magazines from which to clip ads, words, logos or names that your children recognize. (e.g. Jell-o, Cheerios, Disney). Glue the clippings into an inexpensive photo book. Your kids will have a book they can read all by themselves!
  • ABC Read: Featuring Phonics on pictures! Easier for dyslexic and slower learners! Memorable pictures teach reading! Faster for all! No books! Ages five to ninety! Complete reading program.

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